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LED Lamps MR16 Series

 Indoor Lighting
MR16 Series

MR16 Series Indoor Lamp


MR16 Series

MR16 Series Indoor Lamps

Finally, a true LED 50W MR16 replacement lamp. At Cree, we're redefining track and accent lighting. Our MR16 Series TrueWhite® LED lamp makes designing the ideal solution for your application quick and easy with a perfect fit global design that has greater compatibility with existing dimmers and transformers. ENERGY STAR® rebates combined with greater than 80 percent energy savings that offer a payback of less than one year should make you ask, "Why wait?"
  • Limited Warranty: 3 years
  • Efficacy: Not available
  • Lumen Maintenance: Consult Spec Sheet
  • Lumen Output: Up to 580 L
  • Wattage: Up to 8.7 W

MR16 Series Indoor Lamp

MR16 Series Indoor Lamp


MR16 Series Indoor Lamps

MR16 Series Indoor Lamps


The Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite® LED Lamp is a true 50W halogen MR16 equivalent that delivers up to 584 lumens of superior 90 CRI with R9 >50 color quality while achieving up to 67 lumens per watt. This MR16 boasts a slim design to allow universal form, fits into most global MR16 fixtures and is available in a variety of beam angles with a color temperature of 3000K. The Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite® LED lamps impressive combination of greater than 80% energy savings, significant maintenance savings and pending ENERGY STAR® qualification makes it a perfect solution for track and accent lighting.

Specs & Variations

Name Wattage EquivalentCctBeam AngleBase Type

5050W equivalent
BlankGU5.3 Base

* Ordering information is for reference only. Some product configurations are not available. Please consult spec sheets for specific product availability and for further details.


  • CRI: >90
  • Delivered Light Output: 540 lumens (15D), 580 lumens (25D), 584 lumens (40D)
  • CCT: 3000K
  • Input Power: 8.7 watts (50W eq)
  • Beam Angles: 15°, 25°, and 40°
  • CBCP: 50W eq 15: 4648, 50W eq 25: 2473,50W eq 40: 1296
  • Dimming: 5%


  • Smaller perfect fit design offers increased compatibility with various track heads
  • Improved light quality and distribution with 90 CRI Cree TrueWhite® Technology
  • 80% energy savings & with ENERGY STAR® rebates offers <1 year payback
  • Multiple beam angles offer targeted light distribution ideal for highlighting merchandise and enhancing atmosphere of any space
  • Greater than 80% energy savings and significant maintenance savings provide payback of less than one year
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified to last at least 25,000 hours, allowing easy access to utility rebates and incentives


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